Art workshops for kids...

and grown-ups too!

This course contains three workshops led by Shayda Campbell. Each workshop is centred around a unique art project, with start to finish instructions that ensure hang-it-on-the-fridge worthy art, no matter your age or skill level! 

Each art lesson is centered around learning to use the materials, and then, most importantly, making something really pretty! With a little know-how, and a few purdy projects under your belt, you'll feel your creative confidence begin to soar! And Shayda's calm, encouraging approach means even the grown-ups will be making paintings they're proud of! 

With a basic supply list of paper, paint, markers and colored pencils, you can get started with familiar items you have on hand. Simple supplies and a creative confidence boost means all your littles will need to keep on creating (long after this course) is that big imagination!

Pretty Painted Matte

Illustrate oranges and elevate even the simplest art piece with a creative matte makeover!

Pop-Out Floral Bouquet

Practice your painting and make some watercolor magic with this unique 3D art project!

Pattern Play

Turn mixed media doodles into something more with with a little whimsy and repetition!

Your instructor

Shayda Campbell is a Canadian artist and YouTube content creator. She has spent the past decade building an online presence dedicated to encouraging the artist in all of us. Her belief that, 'creativity is play, anyone can do it!' has helped thousands of people to overcome the fear of the blank page.

Through these workshops, she channels her enthusiasm and expertise to create an environment where mini masterpieces and memories bloom with equal measure. Shayda's infectious love for art and her commitment to creating a supportive and engaging experience shine through in every class she teaches, ensuring that every participant leaves with a newfound appreciation for their creative potential.

Three Workshops for $25!